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We are here to support equality for humans and to try to help everyone get along! Mainly by showing you examples of what NOT to be or do.

We understand that things on this blog maybe upset some of you, and we ask you to ask yourselves why that would be. Aslo, if you have any questions, or need help about being trans, straight, gay, lesbian, cis, or whatever don't be afraid to ask! We are very sane and normally give good advice!

Everyone deserves to be treated equal!
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“No but you’re not allowed to get angry at me for having privilege over you because I dont meeeaaaan too it’s not my fault!”

Nope nope nope.

People are allowed to get angry at the people whose very existence in the structure of this society hurts them.

Cis allies: just sit back and shut up when…

There are so many things wrong with this I can’t even … 



The world should know of this video, and the cause.

Well damn. 


Anonymous said: well first of all i will probably have to mention this might come in several parts as tumblr has a ridiculous limit on letter count for the ask box. I will apologize in advance if anything i say offends you, i’m very bad with getting words out coherently much less figuring out…

Well, honestly I think Anon made a good statement.

With all due respect to HobbitDragon … I have to say it.

I think this is openly playing off being a victim.

That is right.

I think some trans* people victimize themselves. I think they like to play that card long and hard. ( Heck, it’s been so rampant as of late, it inspired the name for our blog. )

Not all of them, not even most of them. But yes, a small chunk do. 

 (I think every minority, and non-minority does, truthfully.)

I’m going to try and not and write an essay here, but keep it short and sweet.

"It’s also messed up to compare being trans* to being disabled, as the experiences are not even remotely the same"

While I wouldn’t quite say it’s an equal comparison, I do get the gist of what the Anon is saying. It’s an uncomfortable situation to be in when people treat you differently for something you can’t change, based on experiences they have had in the past that you can not relate to. ( While education might help this, I don’t think it’s the soul solution to the problem. Just because one party is the main victim, it’s not up to the other to do all the work whist slogging around in a cloud of guilt.)

'And if a man walks into a room of angry feminists and cannot deal with their anger as a result of the damage a misogynist society has done to them, then it is his responsibility to leave, not the feminists’ responsibility to take care of him.'

I can not disagree with you more, HobbitDragon. That is absolutely disgusting. If a man walks into a room full of feminists who are angry at him simply for existing, it is not, by any means, his job to walk away feeling ashamed for something he can not change. 

I think you mean, it’s his job to take away from it that ‘oh, maybe woman are being mistreated and they really don’t like it. I should do something to help’.

Okay, I see your point, but really, it’s the woman’s job to effectively communicate this to him, not to be angry at him. And in the end, who are we kidding, a room full of hostile individuals is only going to achieve the opposite effect.

I really would have no respect at all for any group of people who felt that it’s perfectly okay to treat another individual, who has done nothing wrong, with hostility based on their previous experiences, and the fact that he is not ‘part of their group’. 

Yes, that is bigotry.

( While I do believe caution and common sense should be exercised in possibly dangerous or negative situations, that’s a far cry from immediately not trusting or being angry at a whole group, ethnicity, sexual orientation, race or sex; but that is a different conversation.)

Lets get down to the brass tacks of it here.

We’re not responsible for taking care of people who find that our existence makes them uncomfortable.

We are trying to aim for equality correct? Well, with this mind set, it’s really not their responsibility to take care of you either. Unless you believe that trans* individuals have a right to be taken care of over other human beings?

From what I can see this post is honestly promoting segregation, biased views, and while not quite flat out hate, something very close to it, as effective and acceptable tools for learning and education. 

I really don’t think you mean to come off this way, but unfortunately, this is what’s happening, and not just to me by the looks of how man relevant asks you have gotten. 

Trans* pride isn’t about hating, or being passive aggressive towards cis people, or proving to them that they are more privileged than you. 

It’s about being proud of who you are, and educating others (preferably, without the passive aggressiveness or unwillingness to listen) that it’s okay for you to be proud, and okay for them to support and be proud of you.


“On November 23, 2011, [Massachusetts] Governor Patrick signed into law House Bill 3810, ‘An Act Relative To Gender Identity.’ The new law protects transgender individuals from discrimination in housing, education, employment and credit by adding ‘gender identity’ to the list of classes…

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  • We attack people for being privileged.
  • PoC attack other PoC for having a lighter skin color than themselves.
  • We refuse to educate others.
  • We refuse to be civil.
  • We assume things of others.
  • People attack others fro the color of their skin.
  • We don’t listen to each other.
  • We attack others for…

“You don’t need to be gay, you just need to be a human.”
I am so happy that many Hollywood stars are supporting “Equality Movement” for my LGBT youth. I want to give thanks especially to Lady Gaga, she is such a big inspiration for us. Love you Mother Monster! xx.


“You don’t need to be gay, you just need to be a human.”

  • I am so happy that many Hollywood stars are supporting “Equality Movement” for my LGBT youth. I want to give thanks especially to Lady Gaga, she is such a big inspiration for us. Love you Mother Monster! xx.

This seems to have  lost it’s meaing as of late. People are tossing this word around and not quite understanding what it means. I’v seen people use it to defend themselves, calling other ‘bigots’ when they themselves are acting as such.

Here we go. Websters definition. This is not up for debate. 

Definition of BIGOTRY

: the state of mind of a bigot

: acts or beliefs characteristic of a bigot

BIGOT: a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially : one who regards or treats the members of a group (as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance.

What does this mean when we get right down to it?

  • If you adamantly don’t like any group of people for not agreeing with your opinion, or your belief. Then you are a bigot. Especially, if you openly hate or don’t tolerate them. Aka; treating them unfairly or any differently than you would yourself.  

How can you not be a bigot? Step back, take a breath of air, realize that you yourself really aren’t justified for hating or talking others down.

It might be a different story if they are threatening you or your lifestyle.  Causing you physical or emotional harm (I mean SERIOUS emotional harm, that they purposefully mean to cause. You can’t take offence at an idea and call it emotional harm.)

What are a few examples of bigotry, you ask us?

  1. Any type of (INTENDED) racism or sexism. 
  2. Oppressing others purposefully. 
  3. Telling someone what they are or how to feel.

Here is something else for you to think on, as of late this has been dragged into a lot of gender and religion issues.

Someone doesn’t accept that gender isn’t binary. Okay. Is this hurting you? Really? Do you need to hate or mistrust them for it? Unless they are arguing with you or trying talking you down, it’s really none of your buisness. You don’t have to be friends, you don’t have to talk. 

But if they are just stating their own beliefs and not causing any trouble, leave it at that. Maybe you can have a nice, peaceful conversation about it later instead of jumping to the conclusion that they must be a shallow person.

- Same thing goes for religion. Just because someone is Christian doesn’t mean they “hate fags”. Unless they are knocking on your door trying to tell you how to live or expressly telling you that what your doing is wrong or whatever, you shouldn’t treat them any differently than you would yourself and you defiantly shouldn’t confront them about it.

If they aren’t coming to you and bothering you with it, why drag it up?

(On a side note, CISSEXISM, is a very dodgy topic we can try and cover later, while I do believe it exists, I also believe, like bigotry, people toss it around way too much.)

TL;DR version … we have all probably done a few bigot things in our lives and really, leave it be, learn from it, but don’t beat the dead horse.

If a person isn’t bothering you or expressly, publicly mocking you, belittling you or trying to cause trouble. You have no excuse to make fun of their own opinions or beliefs.

Don’t take away someones right to free speech.

Treat others the way you would like to be treated.

It’s not fair to stereotype.

Don’t insight violence.

(But in the end, some humans are just douche bags who really don’t like people telling them what to do or not agreeing with their opinions or making them feel uncomfortable and are willing to call them out, hurt them and make a fuss because of it.) 


Yeah, I’m even going to use capital letters and shit because this is kind of a serious venting post for me, requiring me to temporarily abandon my flippant no-effort no-care face. (Not serious even to stop swearing though)

As I identified myself as an extremely tolerant and…

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Makes sense

Smart man, get on my blog!

You can actually apply this to a lot of things.